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Two days in Paris

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Paris. The city of Love, they say. So what does a single girl on a solocation do on a 2 day trip to Paris?

Now, I love sport. And now I love to travel too (although still not that well travelled yet). What's that got to do with Paris? I hear you say. I did hear it. Honest. Well, let me tell you...

I love most sports, with a keen eye on cycling, and ever since ITV started televising every, single, day of the Tour De France a hundred years ago, I've always said I'd like to see the final stage live on Champs Élysées. This year it is finally going to happen. A free flight and a lovely little hotel booking near the Louvre means that on that final day I will be standing there on a sunny (please weather gods!) street in Paris watching the sport I've come to love in the city of love. #Dreamy

But what else can I squeeze into a few short 48 hours? Let me know. Where should I eat? Must-see attractions - without many queues? Little cafes? Favourite views? Cake shops? Bridges to wander over? Galleries to marvel at? Hidden gems?

Let me know in the comments below, dear internet.

Angela x

Bargain Blues

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Yes, Yes, I haven't blogged for aaaaages. But as we all know life can catch up with us and it gets real busy and you haven't really got time for the Internet malarkey. All I seem to have been focusing on recently is work and the gym. And there are a few exciting things happening relating to both of those things  but lets just say I've learnt a few good lessons from the past few months too, chiefly that people can be fickle and can drop you like a hot potato as soon as something (one) new comes along. But like I say, lesson learnt.

I've been loving my gym routine lately, especially the PT sessions with Sarah at The Peak. She gives me a different and very tough session each time I see her. The last one with a 1000m row finisher. Ouch, but 4m33s beat my last attempt so that was fantastic!

With the gym in mind it was with great delight that I managed to find a bargain pair of Nike Free trainers at the local Nike Outlet. And because I can buy kids sizes, these really were a bargain. I know they're supposed to be for running but I like them for my training. I love the dark electric blue colour contrasting with the bright pink and since I've been (strangely) buying lots of blue gym gear then these will co-ordinate nicely. Because we all know you gotta have matching gym gear, right?! (You don't really, in fact there's nothing I like more than clashing colours).

Anyhow, I browsed the shop for ages and put back the pair of Nike Legend capri pants i had in my grasp. I just don't need another pair at the moment and at £45 they still weren't enough of a bargain. But ladies, I've tried a few pairs of the Nike training trousers and the Legend ones are a great fit and the material is quite thick so hugs you in all the right places. Having put those trousers back I did pick up another Dri-Fit top and you can't grumble at £14. Luckily it's almost a direct match for the trainers so I will be all matchy matchy, haha.

I tell you what I need ideas about though... Sports bras. I've got a few of the Nike ones in my collection but being small chested I don't really need anything with all sorts of support but I do need something to combat the 'see-through' nature of a wet sports top - if you know what I mean! I hadn't noticed it until I was in a body pump class with a light t-shirt on and there it was... so embarrassing! So I suppose what i need is something with support but also something that has enough padding to hide your assets. Thoughts?

#BBGQA week 1

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Since starting the BBG guide for real this week i've spent a few more hours on Instagram looking over all of the hashtags that the BBG girls use and one jumped out at me #BBGQA (I think this was started by @Corporate_Sneakers ).  Each week you answer a set of questions most people post their thoughts on Instagram but i thought i'd record them here too. It'll be a progress check too.

Here goes, week 1 #BBGQA

1. One thing that surprised me about myself this week was how determined and single minded i was that I was finally going to start this guide that's been hiding out as a pdf in the iBooks app on  my phone. Last summer was when I purchased the guide and it's taken me until now to become comfortable enough to take over a little space in the gym and do my own workout. It feels great to have started.

2. The #1 thing that made me happy this week was that I managed to complete 1 1/2 rounds of each 7 minute circuit on each of the 3 days. Also, the cheeky wink I got from a lovely guy in the gym after having completed Week 1 Full Body workout. That did make me smile ;)

3. Something that didn't go as planned this week was the food. The eating. The Sweeties. I will conquer this sugar craving addiction! ARGH.

4. My toughest hurdle this week was trying to fit the BBG guide into my 'normal' gym routine and trying not to jump ahead and do the workouts on consecutive days. I am not doing the BBG guide alone. I am working it into my current long-standing gym routine because as I mentioned in a previous post, I wasn't seeing the results I wanted and so decided to finally start the BBG guide to give me that extra little reward for all of my hard work.I have finally figured out that i am going to substitute some classes for the guide.

5. What I want to remember this week was the feeling I had after each workout. The feeling of accomplishment and the realisation that I can do it, and i most certainly will.